Risk management goes mobile

Citicus MOCACiticus MOCA for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is launched today by Citicus Limited. This premier-quality business app is the first that enables decision-makers to identify the business impact of their organization's assets and processes being disrupted. This is a prerequisite for managing key areas of risk effectively.

Using Citicus MOCA, people on the move can evaluate the 'whats at stake' side of the risk equation using a sound, easy-to-use, business-oriented technique that objectively measures the criticality of assets and processes their organization depends on.

Citicus MOCA can be downloaded free using from the App Store. Its simplicity of use and deployment will help stakeholders to assess criticality, cheaply, quickly, effectively and consistently providing a solid foundation for managing risk well. It enables them to discover, assess and highlight the relative importance of their information resources, supplier relationships, supplied products or services, sites and any other types of asset or process they depend on.

Decision-makers can use Citicus MOCA to identify the business impact of assets being disrupted from different perspectives. Worst-case loss scenarios are used to identify the types of harm that could ensue and the severity of each type. As soon as an assessment is complete, striking graphical results are presented on the user's iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, highlighting the asset's calculated criticality rating, maximum credible loss, and required protection.

By using Citicus MOCA's free companion processing service - Citicus Barista - users gain access to results produced by Citicus award-winning Citicus ONE risk and compliance management software. These results are delivered in PDF form - including a criticality status report for circulation to asset 'owners' and other stakeholders.

Existing Citicus ONE customers can integrate Citicus MOCA's mobile capabilities with their organization's risk and compliance system, and can customize the criticality assessments presented by Citicus MOCA.

A Citicus MOCA development kit is available to allow criticality assessments to be uploaded to any other system that supports Citicus MOCA's prescribed web service - enabling the application to be implemented as part of any organization's enterprise-wide risk programme.

Marco Kapp, director at Citicus who led the development says,

"Citicus MOCA is a revolutionary risk application. It puts a top-quality tool in the hands of people who can collectively raise risk management to the next level and it's part of an unstoppable trend towards 'consumerization of IT' that we support with passion. It's designed from the outset to be a popular, user-friendly, tool that people can relate to and enjoy using on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It employs a proven method of putting a value on the 'what's at stake' side of the 'risk equation.' Until now, this has been hard to identify with precision. The consequences of getting it wrong can be terminal for businesses - thus we see Citicus MOCA as a real game-changer."

Sian Alcock, who directs Citicus MOCA's design team adds,

"We've broken new ground in enabling people to assess maximum credible losses on a small screen our innovative 'harm selector' (patent pending) is outstanding and has the 'wow factor' that users expect in the iPhone/iPod/iPad environment."

Simon Oxley, managing director at Citicus adds,

"This latest addition to our family of risk and compliance solutions is easy to use and delivers great results. By providing Citicus MOCA free of charge we hope to make risk assessment more accessible and we believe the app will improve organizations risk and governance efforts. We're really looking forward to seeing it in the hands of a wide community of people with an interest in managing risk well and gaining their feedback on its capabilities."


You can download Citicus MOCA from itunes.apple.com/app/citicus-moca/id404555251

About Citicus

Citicus Limited was formed in 2000 by Simon Oxley, Sian Alcock and Marco Kapp. The company provides world-class automated risk management tools that have been implemented in public and private sector enterprises of all sizes around the world, and helps customers implement them successfully.

Our flagship software, Citicus ONE, enables organizations to measure and manage the risk posed by the entire range of assets, entities, processes and activities on which they depend, using a methodology that reflects 20 years of research into the factors that drive risk up or down and those which make risk programmes successful.

For more information, contact:

Simon Oxley, Marco Kapp or Sian Alcock, Citicus Limited
Tel: +44 (0)20 7203 8405
Email: info@citicus.com

Nick Hall, Citicus media relations
Tel: +44 (0)7949 111 174
Email: media.relations@citicus.com

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