Citicus appoints WiNoble as distributor to serve the growing market for risk management software in Korea

UK company Citicus® Limited has appointed Seoul-based WiNoble, Inc as its Distributor in the Republic of Korea. Based in Seoul, WiNoble is one of Korea's leading providers of end point security, a major provider of log monitoring solutions and local market creator in security risk management.

Announcing the appointment, Marco Kapp, co-founder of Citicus Limited says:

"In Korea there is strong demand for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and our industry-leading Citicus ONE and Citicus ICS risk and compliance softwares provide ideal foundations for setting up an ISMS in particular environments."

"WiNoble is a vital partner for us since doing business in Korea requires a strong local presence. WiNoble has a strong track record of providing world-class information security solutions to private- and public-sector enterprises in Korea - including many in the Manufacturing, Food, Financial Services and Public sectors whose activities demand protection."

"We're confident that their local staff understand the way to do business in Korea, can talk with Korean customers in their own language, and have the enthusiasm and motivation to sell ISMS solutions to organisations in Korea."

"They can also provide first-line support in local language to our end-users in Korea."

Thomas J. Rhee, President and CEO of WiNoble adds:

"Citicus offers a systematized and scalable approach to risk management which is easy to deploy and treads lightly on end-user organizations."

"Their Citicus ONE software comes pre-loaded with widely-used standards and frameworks needed to assess compliance with good practice (eg ISO/IEC 270001, ISF Standard of Practice, PCI/DSS), and it can be easily configured to measure risk and compliance in other important areas (eg SCADA, compliance with Government policies). Its reporting capabilities are also outstanding, including its ability to track remediation activity through to completion."

"Its configurability means we can easily load it with the Korean equivalent of ISO 270001. Thus we're really pleased that we can now add Citicus software to our product range."

What are Citicus ONE and Citicus ICS?

Citicus ONE is a web-based, risk and compliance management system. It measures the risk posed by information leakage, lack of integrity and unavailability, and can be used to measure and manage the risk posed by large or small-scale office systems, public-facing systems, payment systems, industrial control systems and IT infrastructure (eg data centres, networks). It can be applied equally well to other areas of operational risk (eg projects, sites, suppliers).

Citicus ICS is a specialized version optimized to measure the risk posed by industrial control systems (ICS), eg SCADA systems common in the process control environment.

Citicus ONE and Citicus ICS both measure risk and compliance via a continuing managed process using a methodology called FIRM that reflects 20 years of research into the factors that drive risk up or down and those which make risk programmes successful. This enables private and public sector organisations to measure the risk posed by their critical systems and compliance with good practice in a highly-efficient, objective and business-oriented manner.

About Citicus (

Citicus Limited was formed in 2000 by Simon Oxley, Sian Alcock and Marco Kapp (who led the development of FIRM. The company builds world-class automated risk management tools, derived from its collaborative development programmes, and provides education and training to help implement them successfully.

About WiNoble (

Founded in 2000 as a dedicated information security solution provider, WiNoble, Inc is based in Seoul and provides 'CheckPoint', 'ObserveIT' and 'Skybox Security' solutions as well as Citicus Limited's Citicus ONE, Citicus ICS and Citicus MOCA Server software, making it one of Korea's leading providers of end point security, a major provider of log monitoring solutions and local market creator in security risk management.

Its name reflects its philosophy of being worthy, innovative, noble, objective, brilliant, liable and effective!

For more information, contact:

Marcus Capp and Thomas RheeMarco Kapp, Citicus Limited
Tel: +44 (0)1306 742 072

Thomas J. Rhee, WiNoble, Inc
Tel: +82-2 546-1210

Citicus media relations
Tel: + 44 (0)20 7203 8405

Citicus® is a trademark of Citicus Limited, registered in the United Kingdom. Kindly ignore the (0) in telephone numbers if dialling from outside the UK.

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