Citicus announces Citicus ONE Release 2.3

Citicus has launched a new version of its award-winning web-based information risk and compliance management tool, Citicus ONE. The new Release 2.3 adds many new features including:

  • Interactive harm reference tables which allow business users to make an objective and quantitative assessment of the types and levels of harm that could be (or have been) suffered due to information incidents
  • Uploading files as attachments to responses to questions on risk scorecards, checklists and other assessments, for example to provide supporting evidence of compliance such as test results
  • Mapping controls between different standards / checklists allowing responses from previous control checklists to be brought forward, even if the checklist has been modified
  • Adding issues / actions while completing risk scorecards making it easier for users to record issues or actions in the schedule of issues and / or action plan whilst conducting a risk assessment
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard V1.1 providing an additional built-in checklist to assess compliance with these international requirements
  • Enhanced risk status reporting by incorporating a compliance status gauge on Citicus ONE risk charts to indicate the proportion of individual control items in a checklist that are weak
  • XML data export functionality providing additional ways of integrating Citicus ONE with external reporting or management tools through the export of incident data, action plan data and metrics on information risk management activity.

Release 2.3 is currently available in the English (UK) version; the multi-lingual version of Release 2.3, supporting English (UK and US), Dutch, French, German and Japanese will be shipped on 28 February 2007.

About Citicus ONE

Citicus ONE is designed to help decision makers analyze and understand information risk so that they can focus investment and resources where they are most needed.

It enables organizations to:

  • measure the level of risk posed by its mission-critical, IT-based information systems
  • manage information risk down to the level acceptable to its top management
  • manage compliance with standards and regulatory requirements for information systems
  • manage risk and compliance reliably, efficiently and in a way that builds support from the business and from IT, risk management and information security professionals.

For more information contact:

Simon Oxley, Marco Kapp or Sian Alcock, Citicus Limited
Tel: +44 (0)20 7203 8405

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