ISF Security of e-commerce

ISFFull title:  Securing electronic commerce: A briefing paper

Pages: 35

Overview: This briefing paper provides a high-level view of the security aspects of conducting successful electronic commerce. It distils the views and experience of 48 ISF member organizations, plus research conducted by the project team. Aimed at those developing electronic commerce applications for their own organisations, it provides the reader with an understanding of the characteristics of e-commerce and how it works in practice today; security issues that are inherent when developing e-commerce applications; and security solutions that can be used to address the issues.

Published by: Information Security Forum (ISF)

Date published: March 1999

Language: English

Status: Available to ISF Members.

Citicus role: A founder of Citicus carried out the research that underpins this briefing paper for and on behalf of the ISF, and was its principal author.

Published Work

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