ESF 1998-9 Security survey results

ESFFull title:  The Information Security Status: Survey: Initial overview of key statistics

Pages: 12

Overview: This report provided an early overview of key facts that emerged from the ESF’s 1998/99 Information Security Status Survey. The aim of the Survey was to identify what leading enterprises were doing to control the business risks associated with their IT-based information systems. Analysis of 969 completed questionnaires revealed that risks were high but that ‘benchmark’ environments had substantially reduced it by achieving a ‘pretty good, all-round level of protection’.

Published by: European Security Forum (ESF), London.

Date published: March 1988

Language: English

Status: Available to ISF Members.

Citicus role: A founder of Citicus developed the survey questionnaires for and on behalf of the ESF, analysed the survey data and was the principal author of this report.

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