Simon Oxley


Simon Oxley moved into the IT industry after obtaining a science Doctorate at Oxford University. He gained a background in systems development and has now been working in the information security and risk fields for over 30 years. Having helped Logica establish one of the first two computer security evaluation facilities for the UK government, he had a career in commercial security management through heading up the information security departments at National Power and Reuters. He took both organizations into the Information Security Forum (ISF) and was a member of the ISF’s Council during 1992-94.

As an independent consultant in information security from 1996 to 2000, Simon advised a range of blue chip clients and contributed to many projects for the highly-respected ISF. He was the author of the ISF’s research reports on secure e-commerce, cryptography, web security, security architecture and active content, and contributed to many others, including the project that led to the FIRM methodology supported by Citicus ONE.

Simon is a regular speaker at international conferences on information security and risk. He has a strong interested in education, helping the British Computer Society to develop their information security qualifications and being a regular lecturer at the UK’s Royal Holloway Information Security MSc course.

Simon is a founder and Managing Director of Citicus.

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