Our Citicus ONE maintenance service is designed to help you set up your Citicus ONE installation, keep it up to date and provide access to expert advice and assistance on its operation. It includes:

  • upgrades to software and documentation eg enhancements to existing functionality, new features, fixes to identified bugs
  • support - we log, assess and prioritise all service requests and aim to provide solutions (eg advice, assistance, workarounds, fixes) within defined timescales that match the severity of particular problems.

If you install Citicus ONE in-house, the cost of the service for its first year is included in your licence fee. Thereafter, continuing maintenance is available on payment of an annual maintenance fee.

If you access Citicus ONE through one of our hosted services, maintenance is included in your annual hosted service charge, unless provided separately by agreement.

Because our Help desk is staffed by staff who are truly experts in all aspects of installing, running and using our software, it routinely attracts very favourable comments such as:

"You've set a dangerous precedent for vendor responsiveness ... it will be hard for others to live up to!"

Risk Programme Manager, Global banking group