You can download information about our software and supporting services - plus other supporting material - by clicking the links below.

If you wish to review our flagship Citicus ONE software in more detail or see its capabilities, we can arrange a guided demonstration either on-line or via a face-to-face meeting. Click here to request a demonstration. You can also download Citicus MOCA to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch free anytime from Apple's App Store.




A 1-page outline of our business mission, customers, standing, offerings and key personnel.


A 2-page overview of our award-winning risk and compliance management software. This summarises it information risk management capabilities and extension to supplier risk, site risk, risk posed by industrial control systems (eg SCADA) and other key areas of risk.


A 2-page summary of Citicus ONE's capabilities, including the features in the latest release.


A presentation introducing what Citicus ONE is, what it can do for your organisation and what customers gain from its deployment.


A 2-page description of the hardware and software environments in which Citicus ONE will run, including how they may be configured.


Three-page guide entitled Citicus ICS - Risk management for industrial control systems introducing Citicus ICS.


Citicus MOCA is available for download free of charge to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Two-page guide entitled Risk management goes mobile introducing Citicus MOCA for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can download Citicus MOCA free from the App Store.


Citicus MOCA User Guide (PDF, 2MB)
User Guide for Citicus MOCA, explaining how to download, install and use our innovative, free 'app' for doing criticality assessments in your office or 'on the move', using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


A summary of how Citicus ONE can be used to build a physical asset protection management system as specified in ANSI/ASIS PAP.1 2012.


A 1-page summary of how Citicus ONE can be implemented in your organization, including the implementation support services available from Citicus and our partners.


A 2-page overview of the research-based data that forms the statistical base of Citicus ONE.


A 3-page overview of the FIRM risk management methodology that underpins Citicus ONE.


A 5-page white paper explaining how Citicus ONE can be used to help measure compliance with the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 in a reliable and efficient manner.


A glossary defining all the risk terms employed in Citicus ONE. The definitions are aligned with those in the Information Security Forum’s FIRM methodology.


An independent review of Citicus ONE by the respected IT analysts Butler Group. Reproduced by permission from Butler Group.


An independent product review of Citicus ONE from Techworld. Reproduced by permission from Techworld.


An independent product review of Citicus ONE from SC Magazine. Reproduced by permission from SC Magazine.


An independent product review of Citicus ONE from SC Magazine. Reproduced by permission from SC Magazine.


An independent feature article on Standard Bank of South Africa's use of Citicus ONE. Reproduced courtesy Incisive Media Limited.


Reprint of Citicus' contribution to Managing Business Risk, 6th edition, 2009, Kogan Page, London. Reproduced courtesy of Kogan Page.


A presentation of important background information (including definitions and key statistics). The statistics underpin Citicus ONE and give our software its rigorous factual base.