We maintain close relationships with organizations that support what we do. Specifically we have:

  • a network of approved distributors and implementation partners who can supply our risk management software and provide supporting services in particular areas of the world
  • a strategic alliance with the Information Security Forum (ISF) which commits both parties to collaborate on the promotion and further development of the ISF's ground-breaking FIRM methodology, which is supported by Citicus ONE
  • technology partnership with leading organizations that help us provide Citicus ONE as a hosted information risk management service to some of our customers.

Distributors and implementation partners

We provide access to Citicus ONE, Citicus ICS and our other software to customers all over the world both directly and via our distributors and implementation partners who can supply our world-class risk management software and / or support and consultancy services to assist its implementation. We currently have such partners in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Kenya
  • Netherlands
  • Nigeria
  • Republic of Korea
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • United States

E-mail partners@citicus.com to be put in touch with the relevant partner or if you want information on becoming a Citicus implemenation partners.