Citicus MOCA is a premier quality, business tool that enables you to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to assess the criticality of any asset that contributes - or could contribute - to your organization's success, including new, proposed or existing:

  • information systems
  • data centres and other parts of your IT infrastructure
  • IT service providers
  • suppliers of other products and services
  • offices
  • factories
  • warehouses
  • equipment / production processes
  • retail outlets.

Completing an assessment

Citicus MOCA enables you to complete a criticality assessment in minutes, anywhere, anytime, using a highly-respected technique that has been successfully applied to many thousands of assessments over the last decade. In essence, this highlights the maximum credible loss to your organisation if the worst happens to an asset (eg theft, fire, flood, malfunction).

Its intuitive screens encourage you to consider loss scenarios from different perspectives and its highly-innovative 'harm selector', enables you to assess the business impact of each scenario in seconds.


Citicus MOCA's Criticality screen,showing how an asset's worst-case credible loss is considered from different perspectivesCiticus MOCA's harm selector help you assess the business impact(s) of particular loss scenarios


Citicus MOCA's harm selector help you assess the business impact(s) of particular loss scenarios Citicus MOCA enables you to identify worst-case loss scenarios and their business impact, intuitively and with little effort

Top-quality results for decision-making

On completion of an assessment, Citicus MOCA provides you with crystal clear results you can view on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Citicus MOCA results screen,showing its maximum credible loss chart

How Citicus MOCA highlights an asset's maximum credible loss, critical timescale and need for protection

By uploading a competed assessment to our secure Citicus Barista processing service or your organisation's Citicus ONE risk and compliance system, you can obtain further top-quality results in PDF form in seconds. These provide you with a solid, business-oriented basis for decision-making and a permanent record of each assessment that you can share with asset 'owners' and other stakeholders. If you prefer, you can also upload completed assessments to any other system that supports Citicus MOCA's prescribed web service.

Gaining access to Citicus MOCA's capabilities

You can download Citicus MOCA to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from your local Apple App Store today, free of charge. Its companion User Guide describes how it works and provides comprehensive step-by-step guidance on its use.

A 10-minute guided tour of Citicus MOCA's capabilities is also available on YouTube.

Wider deployment

We and our implementation partners will be happy to help you deploy Citicus MOCA across your organization, including integration with your organisation's security, risk, continuity planning, audit or inspection processes. Contact us directly via if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your organization's criticality assessment or BIA process.

Tell us what you think

We hope you enjoy using our highly innovative mobile criticality assessment tool, and look forward to receiving feedback from you on its use. You can e-mail your views to We'll enter your feedback into our quarterly prize draw and publish the most useful feedback we receive.

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