Citicus ICS produces many outputs enabling you to measure and manage risk for your critical industrial control environments. Reports are designed to convey risk information in a clear and simple way, making strong use of graphical representations of data. A few extracts from our reports are shown below.

Criticality status report showing the business impact of incidents affecting the ICS, including potential disruption over timescales that can range from milliseconds to hours or days.


Risk heat map showing summary metrics for the full range of risk factors affecting the ICS.


Compliance status report showing the condition of ICS controls measured against industry best practice across the full range of technical, process and people-oriented control areas.


Dependency risk maps showing the separate risk status of interdependent aspects of a controlled process (eg the ICS itself, interconnected systems, vendors, physical sites, etc).

Citicus_ICS dependencies

Schedule of issues and remediation action plan that detail the surfaced ICS issues that need to be resolved and the specific actions defined to address these.